How To Buy Best Durian In Geylang

Geylang offers a wide variety of durian. Geylang is rich in history and known for being one of the best places to find durian. The numerous stall and stores of durian attract many visitors as well as locals to buy the best durian in Geylang. It is now gained a cultural identity and is known as one of the busiest markets in Singapore. If you are planning to buy some durian, you can always choose the shops in Geylang. The price of durian varies according to breed, origin, and demand.

Tips for choosing the best durian

There is a huge market full of durian, so it is equally important to choose the right durian that suits your taste. Following are some tips to select the best durian in Geylang.

  • Check the stem: – If the stem of the durian is greenish with brown edges, it means the durian is fresh and fell off the tree in the past 24 hours.
  • Smell the durian: – The unripe durian does not smell. If you notice a slight fragrance it means durian is ripe and if its aroma is too strong, it means durian is over-ripe.
  • Examine the shape: – The best durian comes in oval or slightly oblong shapes. A round durian is usually less aromatic and has bigger seeds and is less fleshy and creamy. Odd-shaped fruit has fewer chambers inside and fewer flesh-covered seeds.
  • Taste your durian: – Instead of examining so many steps, you can directly check the quality of durian by taste.