Digital Printing: What Is It? Why is It Best for Your Business Needs? 

Digital printing is an advanced method or production which makes printed design for electronic files. It involves your design being created on a computer and transferred directly onto the material of your choice. Moreover, digital printing is another method of lithography, flexography, letterpress, gravure, and others. It removed several mechanical processes that are required for conventional printing like making films, manually stripping pieces, color proofs, and making different kinds of plates.

Digital Printing: How it Works? 

With the process of digital printing, a certain image is sent directly to the printer by utilizing digital files in TIFF, PSD, PDF or other popular file formats. Digital printing in singapore is perfect for items that require a large amount of detail and a small number of orders.

Compared to conventional printing there are no pre-stages needed between the digital document files and the actual final product. So, there’s no need for a messy style of formatting equipment such as film plates or toxic photo chemicals.


Why Choose Digital Printing? 

This is the new paradigm of the industry of image processing. It gives more options, features, and flexibility compared to older processes such as offset or flexographic printing.

In today’s present era, you can expect printed materials to be accurate and updated. Besides, clients need printers to practice cost-effective for their business.

Advantages of Digital Printing 

  • High-Quality – Offers quality and consistency
  • Timeliness – Final product can be delivered quicker
  • Cost-Effective – fewer materials and expenses involved
  • Short Runs – The best method for producing short to medium print
  • Customization – It provides the most affordable method to customize any marketing materials.