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Coated Papers: Type of Printing Papers for Your Business are Explained Here

When choosing the right paper that will match your business marketing campaign, there are several papers to choose from. So finding the right paper for your materials needs to be carefully chosen for the final printed result to become amazingly attractive for potential customers.

Below are the following types of printing papers that you can use for magazine printing, print-ads, poster printing singapore, and many more:

printing in singapore

Coated Printing Papers

Coated papers are the most popular type of printing papers. It is most commonly used for printing magazines, posters, pictures, etc. It is coated with a surface sealant (clay) to engrave qualities to the paper which includes weight, smoothness, reduced ink absorbency, and surface gloss. The coating on the coated papers lessens the dot gain by not allowing the printer’s ink to absorb into the sheet. This enables the printed output to be crisper, especially in photos. Coated papers have different kind of options to choose from:

  • Dull – It has a smooth surface paper that is low in gloss. Dull coated paper is in between matte and glossy which varies depending on the manufacturer.
  • Matte – It is a non-glossy, flat-looking coated paper with a tiny sheen on it. Matte papers are more expensive compared to other types of papers. Also, it produces an excellent vibrant color to the finish printed product.
  • Satin – This kind of coated paper is less shiny. It has a lower gloss level than the gloss papers but has a higher gloss level compared to matter. The colors on this paper are usually sharp and vivid.
  • Gloss – It is less expensive compared to other types of papers. It reduces ink absorption which gives the paper and excellent color appearance.