Lot more about music and its moments with life

Music defies everything. It does not consider religion, caste or any other discriminating factors. It is a common man’s escape from reality, relief from stress, and medium of happiness and peace. The magic about music is that sounds can be created anywhere. There need not be a specific instrument to create sound. It is ubiquitous.

There isn’t any single made definition of music. It differs from place to place, combining different culture and practices. Likewise, different people have different experiences with it.

In many different countries, music is like a way of life. They give more importance that there is nothing without it. For example, it is included in their everyday life, religious rituals, functions such as marriages or graduation, festivals etc. With such significance given, it is definitely the most needed form in life.

Music hero

Music can be explained with terms like tempo is to say whether it is fast or slow, Melody is to explain the tune, Harmonyis to say about the sound that is made at same time with several notes, Genre defines about the type or style, Composition (a piece of work created by someone), and much more.

Many psychologists have admitted that Music is a healer. The sounds that are made together give a sense of calmness which heals a wounded person. On the other hand, it is also an addiction but generally positive, rarely a negative addiction. It is considered as the expression of Human Beings and humanity, as it triggers an emotional response whenever heard.

Many studies have confirmed the benefit of Music. It is contemplated as a cure for mental health. The good and bad emotions or memories attached with certain music cannot be denied. It forms a deep connection within humans who are suffering from depression. It will be of no surprise even if music is considered as an alternate to any treatment that is given currently.

There is no surprise that Music has a historic connection. But the most interesting fact that, it is changing with the current trends. The previously used instruments are being replaced or being modified to match with the present style. It is also to be noted that many compositions are created from the ancient works with respect and inspiration.

Music is thoroughly entertaining and regarded as an Art. The power it has can be felt with great feel of happiness and sorrow within us. There are lots of music blog available in internet to learn more about music.